Mission- Vision

All information and documents should be accessible and usable that are produced in information institutions such as archives, libraries and documentation centers as well as classical information and document providers. The mission of our department is to train experts with professional competence, managerial skills and communication skills, to plan and develop management processes that will enable all users in need of information to access information and documents in the fastest way.

 Researchers and executives are trained who have the necessary theoretical knowledge infrastructure for information and document management and can use this knowledge to analyze the problems encountered during the applications and produce solutions and to keep up with the change rapidly as information and document science professionals.

Our department also develops projects by following up-to-date information and communication technologies in the professional field and cooperates with all relevant institutions in Turkey and abroad.

Turkey, has both historical archives and libraries accumulation and both growing economic and social structures needs a qualified specialist staff in the information and document management area . Our department will provide qualified information and document professionals who have the knowledge infrastructure to conduct research,  who can use historical information sources with modern research tools and who can prepare all kinds of information sources to prepare and utilize them. Our department train the information experts with high education and training standards in their fields for the profession.